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An Intro to Hydroponics

This trend has become more and more popular over recent years and if you haven’t heard about it yet, you definitely will soon. These gardens can be found in classrooms, restaurants, bars, hotel lobbies, office spaces, and even your own kitchen!

So what the heck is this hydroponics ordeal and what’s the big hype?

For those who don’t know, hydroponics is the art of soilless growing. It’s just that simple. 

Just like any plants, hydroponically grown plants start as small seedlings and have to be nursed and nurtured into maturity.

If hydroponics and traditional growing get the same job done (with the difference of just one factor), why is everyone jumping on this new trend?

Hydroponics’ popularity is continuously on the rise for a few reasons:

Less soil, less mess

The whole point of hydroponic gardening is to completely eliminate soil from the equation. Rather than receiving nutrients from the soil, plants in a hydroponic system get them directly delivered to their roots through a liquid nutrient-rich solution. Now you don’t have to worry about getting your hands dirty and dragging mud through the house!

Plants all year ‘round!

There’s more to growing your own plants than just seeds and soil. They need food, water, and light. Most types of hydroponic systems are connected to timers to help you regulate water and nutrient flow, and allow the plants to receive the proper light they need to grow. They also aid in air circulation, making your hydro system a desired living environment for your plants. All these factors, which replicate those of an outdoor garden environment, create and maintain a healthy living space for your plants that is consistent regardless of the changing seasons.

Bring the outdoors indoors

Why should indoor gardening be limited to only a few different kinds of plants. Hydroponics allows you to create a system for basically any type of plant you want: vegetables, flowers, greens, vines, you name it! Unlike an outdoor garden, you don't need to focus so much on fitting your plants to a particular environment because you make it yourself. Maybe just hold off on planting those trees for now...

A lesson and a meal, all wrapped into one

In recent years, the hype around hydroponic systems in schools has grown larger, and for good reason. Teachers believe that maintaining a system in their own classrooms, students learn more than just how plants grow. It teaches them responsibility, the effects and benefits of growing your own plants, and even encourages healthier lifestyle choices by giving them the opportunity to eat the produce they grow themselves.

There’s a whole world left to learn about hydroponics than what you find here, but we figured we’d help you scratch the surface of it. To learn more about hydroponics, visit us at !

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