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Planting Your Summer Arrangements

Need some outdoor decor for an upcoming party to impress your in-laws? Maybe you’re looking for a way to bring some more colorful life to your backyard. Or maybe you just want a fun, new outdoor project to work on to create a staple piece in your garden. Whatever the reason, summer planters are always a good idea!

One of the best ways to accentuate any outdoor area is with a beautiful, vibrant planting arrangement. Even though planting may seem intimidating, when done the right way it can be a stress-free task perfect for a summer day.

The first step in putting together an arrangement is to acknowledge the size of the pot you’re using. This is crucial in determining the amount of plants and potting soil needed. 

You want to make sure you use a potting soil full of nutrients that will give your plants plenty of food to grow. We typically like to use one of the many FoxFarm premium potting soils like Happy Frog, Coco Loco, Ocean Forest, or Salamander Soil. If your pot or planter is deep, we recommend filling it either ¼ or ½ of the way with pine bark nuggets before adding the soil depending on the depth. This allows for the water to filter through the pot properly.

Once you fill up w

ith potting soil, you’ll want to add a starter fertilizer to give your arrangements the initial boost they need. For this, we use the Happy Frog Jump Start fertilizer.

Another important factor is considering where your planter is going to be placed. Is the area mostly sunny? Mostly shady? A little bit of both? With this, you’ll know what kind of plants to shop for to make sure they thrive in your patio pots.

Once the type and number of plants are established, you should choose a focal point for your pot. For the focal point, we typically like to use something tall like a dracaena spike, canna lily, dusty miller, or even red fountain grass. In order to create a glamorous arrangement, a pot needs a balance in colors, flower power, full foliage, and something to trail over the edge. 

A balance in color means a pot you don’t want to have too much green or too much of the same color flower. Therefore, if you choose to use a green canna, then you might want to incorporate a purple potato vine to balance out the colors. 

Planters should also contain lots of flower power to add more color and make it more vibrant. Some flowers that would stand out include wave petunias, vinca, geraniums, impatiens (for a shady pot). If you want to add a pop of color, you can add marigolds, lantana, or verbena. Colors like orange and yellow can really bring a planter to life. 

The next step to completing your arrangement is to add a cascading plant. Examples of decorative plants that will trail over the edge of your planter are vinca vine, potato vine, portulaca, or even wave petunias. This variation will add more dimension to any pot. 

Now that your planter is complete, it’s time to show it off to all your friends, family, and those in-laws you’re waiting to impress!

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